In The News

In the News

LA This Week (Video): Councilmember Koretz & LAPD Team with Anti-Crime Group Melrose Action
December 9, 2021
LA This Week (Video): Armenian Cultural Center Groundbreaking Ceremony
December 4, 2021
What Is a Ghost Gun? Lawmakers Across U.S. Pass Bans on Homemade Weapon
November 30, 2021
Green Lodging News: Paul Koretz's Regenerate LA Healthy Soils Initiative Approved
August 17, 2021
Councilmember Koretz Interviewed on CNNi regarding the COVID-19 Vaccination Mandate in Los Angeles.
August 13, 2021
ABC7: LA City Council Considering Possible 'Ghost Gun' Ban
August 11, 2021
FOX11: City leaders warns public to not flush 'flushable' wipes amid 17M gallon sewage spill
August 11, 2021
Larchmont Buzz: Councilmembers Lead “Light The Night Safety Walk”, for COVID-19 This Year
August 3, 2021
Patch: Councilmember Koretz Says LA High-Rises Need Structural Inspections
July 30, 2021
Jewish Journal: Paul Koretz Condemns Ben & Jerry’s, Urges Them to Reverse Course
July 21, 2021
Larchmont Buzz: Councilmember Koretz Urges Opposition to State Housing Bills SB9, SB10 and SB478
July 15, 2021
Beverly Press: LA City Council Seeks Report on Drought Resilience and Preparedness
July 8, 2021
Beverly Press: Councilmembers Introduce Ballot Measure for LA Businesses' Contracting Preference
July 1, 2021
NBC LA: LA City Councilmen, Buscaino and Koretz, Introduce Motion to Prepare Withdrawal From LAHSA
June 18, 2021
SpectrumNews1: Councilmember Koretz Speaks at Annual National Animal Rights Day
June 5, 2021
NBC LA: LA City Council Approves Paid Time Off For Getting COVID-19 Vaccine
May 27, 2021
YahooNews: Councilmembers Introduce Motion to Limit Disposable Utensils and Napkins in Restaurants
April 21, 2021
LA Councilmen Want to Investigate These Kroger Closures
April 8, 2021
YahooNews: City Council Initiative Calls for Carbon Accounting from LA Businesses
March 19, 2021
Beverly Press: Councilmember Koretz Pushes for COVID Safety Measures to Reopen LAUSD Schools
March 10, 2021
NBC LA: LA Council Votes to Move Forward on Hazard Pay for Grocery Workers
February 2, 2021
CBS LA: LA City Councilman Introduces Motion For Memorial Honoring COVID Victims
January 27, 2021
ABC7: Koretz Introduces Motion to Address Increase In Crime Amid COVID-19
January 17, 2021
US News: Los Angeles Leaders Seek to Toughen Mask Enforcement
January 13, 2021
Daily KOS: L.A. City Council Committee votes to pursue a citywide phase-out of oil and gas drilling
December 4, 2020
LA Councilman Seeks Report From Health Officials On COVID-19 Vaccines
November 25, 2020
Beverly Press: Councilmen Introduce Motions Promoting Land Conservation
October 29, 2020
Spectrum News: LA City Hall, Staples Center to Be Lit up for Overdose Awareness Day
August 31, 2020
City Council Votes to Make Los Angeles a `Fair Trade City'
August 25, 2020
Beverly Press: City takes aim at properties hosting house parties
August 20, 2020
My News LA: Councilmember Koretz Develops Program to Protect Landmark Trees
August 19, 2020
YahooNews: Councilmember Koretz Calls for Fines for People Not Wearing Masks
July 29, 2020
L.A. Councilman Seeks to Highlight Mental Health Assistance During Pandemic
May 19, 2020
NBC LA: Councilmember Koretz Discusses FAA Recommendations to Reduce Noise Over Homes
May 9, 2020
Daily News: LA Council Introduce Motions to Protect Employees Amid Coronavirus Crisis
March 22, 2020
NBC LA: LA City Council Votes to Stop Purchasing Products That Harm Amazon Rainforest
February 26, 2020
CBS LA: LA City Council Passes Hate Crime Prevention Legislation
February 5, 2020
Curbed LA: Councilmember Koretz calls for More Time to Review Old City Landmarks
January 27, 2020
Washington Post: Los Angeles City Council calls on MLB to give Dodgers 2017 and 2018 World Series trophies
January 22, 2020
LA Times: Paul Koretz’s Office Stands Up for the Bungalow Courts
January 18, 2020
LA This Week: Appreciating A Green Leader - Councilmember Mike Bonin Honors Councilmember Paul Koretz with a Surprise Council Presentation
May 2, 2019
LA Times: OP-ED by Councilmember Paul Koretz - Let's Make It Last Call for California's 4 a.m. Bar Bill
April 26, 2019
City News Service: 'Green New Deal' for LA / World's First Office of Climate Emergency Mobilization
April 16, 2019
Curbed LA: LA Takes A Stand Against SB 50
April 16, 2019
Associated Press: Los Angeles Honors Jane Goodall on her 85th Birthday
April 3, 2019
KTLA: L.A. Leaders Call for Boycott of 2 Westside Hotels Over Brunei’s Antigay Laws
April 2, 2019
LA This Week: LANow Smart Shuttle Neighborhood Shuttle Launches for Mar Vista, Palms, Venice and Del Rey
March 18, 2019
City News Service: City Councilman Opposes State Bill to Keep L.A. Bars Open Later
March 5, 2019
City Watch: Thank You Paul Koretz for Asserting LA’s Right to Zone, Build, and Incentivize Affordable Housing
March 4, 2019
LA This Week: LA Will Consider Giving Retail Workers A Break From Hectic Schedules
March 1, 2019
City News Service: L.A. Could Become Largest U.S. City to Ban New Fur Sales
February 6, 2019
Councilmember Koretz's Climate Solidarity Tour
January 2019
USA Today: 'We are all in this together': California, Puerto Rico officials join in climate fight
January 6, 2019
New York Magazine: Meet the Politician Fighting for the Rights of California Vegans
December 20, 2018
Councilmember Koretz Introduces Motion for Vegan Options at LA Venues
December 5, 2018
City Council Declares September 19th Ovarian Cancer Awareness Day
November 29, 2017
Councilmember Koretz and Los Angeles Act Locally to Attack Climate Change
June 29, 2017