Community-Based Solutions

The effort to address climate change has never had a strict deadline… until now.
On September 25, 2015, Councilmember Koretz announced his Decade: Climate Safe (2016-2025) initiative, an effort to focus the City and its residents on taking swift and decisive climate action simply for ten years, which will allow technology like electric vehicles, renewable energy and battery storage to be implemented on a widespread basis.

As part of that effort, he will be rolling out several projects intended as models that can be shared and spread around as soon as possible.

Connecting and Supporting Those Already Doing the Job

Pando Hubs

Councilmember Koretz has partnered with a new organization called Pando Populus, whose mission is to do the work necessary to create an ecologically-minded civilization. Pando takes its name from the largest and oldest living organism on the planet – a giant quaking aspen tree, spread out over more than a hundred acres, thousands of years old, connected by a single root system.

The first stage of their effort together is called Pando Hubs, connecting and supporting people and communities, individuals and organizations all across LA County who are already reworking civilization in ecologically-minded ways. The aim is that, within a decade’s time, we won’t still be waiting for ecological civilization to happen. We will have established a vast network throughout Los Angeles already creating it.

Bringing Climate Action to Your Neighborhood

For the next stage of Decade: Climate Safe, Councilmember Koretz is partnering with the folks from the Cool Cities Challenge and the Neighborhood Council Sustainability Alliance on a pilot project to make Los Angeles the largest city to take on the challenge. Beginning with 15 neighborhoods in Los Angeles who will set a goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2025. Once we have ironed out all the kinks in bringing the program to big-city scale, the Councilmember aims to spread this ground-breaking program across the City, and help it accelerate across the Country.

  • Cool City Challenge video from Vanessa Warheit on Vimeo.

    To learn more about the Cool Cities Challenge, please watch the video and visit the website

    If you would like to bring the Cool Cities Challenge to your neighborhood, please contact Andy Shrader in the City Hall office.

  • EcoDistricts

    Bringing Climate Action to Your Business Community

    What the Cool Cities Challenge is to residential neighborhoods, EcoDistricts are to business districts.

    Eco Districts

An EcoDistrict pilot project in Los Angeles is already underway downtown in Little Tokyo. Once that project has proven to be successful, Councilmember Koretz intends to bring the EcoDistrict concept to Council District 5.

For more information on what it means to bring an EcoDistrict to your city block, please visit: Ecodistricts. If you would like to bring an EcoDistrict to your business district, please contact Andy Shrader in the City Hall office.



And more community action to follow…