While the Fifth Council District includes some of the most affluent neighborhoods in Los Angeles, it also includes great neighborhoods filled with vintage apartment buildings that provide affordable housing for tens of thousands of working-class, senior and youthful residents, amongst many others. Many of these buildings are under economic pressure to be demolished and the property redeveloped for modern, but much more expensive, new residential units. This displacement can place serious financial hardships on the existing residents and some can be faced with having to leave Los Angeles or become homeless if they can’t find affordable places to live in a city that has been described as the “most unaffordable” in the country for renters. Councilmember Koretz is working to find viable ways to address these difficult issues.

Councilmember Koretz speaking at a podium outside against airbnb

Councilmember Koretz speaks out for tenants displaced by illegal short-term rentals.

Councilmember Koretz’s housing initiatives and proposals:

  • Authored proposals to improve protections of renters faced with eviction under the state Ellis Act.
  • Challenged the Housing and Planning departments to come up with ways to strengthen the City’s Rent Stabilization Ordinance and to stop land use practices that unfairly jeopardize existing affordably priced rental units.
  • Called for the creation of Affordable Housing Impact Statements for developments that threaten the affordability of housing in their vicinity, a concept that is being introduced in cities across the country.
  • Supported the declaration of several historic multi-family and single-family residential properties in the district as Cultural-Historic Monuments.
  • Actively supported the refinancing of several existing affordable apartment buildings so they could be rehabilitated and retained as affordable for decades to come.
  • Supported the City’s new seismic retrofit law that will help to preserve tens of thousands of existing rental and condominium units and make them safe from the threat of earthquakes.
  • Sponsored a major Interim Control Ordinance to protect single-family neighborhoods from the rampant destruction of existing homes and over-building while new regulations to combat “mansionization" are developed.
  • Called on City Council to explore additional strategies to preserve existing affordable housing and produce new affordable units that could include channeling new projects to commercial areas where no residential units will be threatened, and securing more financing for affordable housing both locally and from the state.
  • Supported creation of the of Home-Sharing Ordinance (addressing AirBnB and other short-term rentals) so that these activities have less impact on the supply of affordable housing available to long-term renters.
  • Sponsored the creation of an eviction defense ("right to counsel") program to combat homelessness by helping tenants better cope with eviction threats and help both landlords and tenants resolve disputes more effectively, and successfully fought for start-up funding in the City budget.
  • Proposed amendments to the condominium conversion codes to better regulate when existing rent-stabilized housing can be turned into for-sale housing. 
  • Called for the creation of a user-friendly affordable housing registry to make it easier for qualified renters to find and apply to rent units. 
  • Called for the City to consider an "inclusionary housing" ordinance to require multi-family housing to include affordable units. 
scenic view of a historical neighborhood

Councilmember Koretz proposals and actions relating to the Rent Stabilization Ordinance, rent control, and tenant protections.

Councilmember Paul Koretz has been active on the issue of affordable housing and tenants' rights for nearly four decades.  He believes that one of the most effective ways to reduce homelessness is to prevent it in the first place and that the current push to create more housing should focus on affordability instead of relying on a failed market-based approach.  He has been one of the Los Angeles City Council’s leaders in pursuing innovative policies, from Ellis Act reform to eviction defense to protecting and expanding rent control to finding innovative ways to create affordable housing.  Here is a compendium of his proposals and accomplishments:

1. CF 09-0234-S4 – Prioritize RSO unit tenants in required review of bank performance in disbursing state renter and landlord emergency funds.

Koretz co-authored;  Approved April 23, 2020.


2. CF 14-0268-S17 – Identify and close loopholes regarding Ellis Act impacts on existing and new RSO units.

Koretz seconded;  Pending in Housing Committee.


3. CF 14-0268-S4/CF 15-0728 – Ordinance to strengthen protections and procedures for how RSO units are dealt with under the Ellis Act.

Koretz authored;  Approved April 19, 2017.


4. CF 14-1635-S8 – Proposal to require City Planning to notify RSO landlords that their units are not eligible for Home Sharing.

Koretz authored; Pending in PLUM.


5. CF 19-0002 – S57 – Resolution to support AB 36 (Bloom) to amend Costa-Hawkins to allow units 10 years old or more to be covered by rent control.

Koretz authored; Pending in Rules Committee.


6. CF 18-0354 – Proposal to amend Muni Code to clarify and strengthen requirements permitting condominium conversions that impact RSO units, among others.

Koretz authored;  Expired while agendized in PLUM due to pandemic disruption of meeting schedule.


7.  CF 14-0268-S6 – Proposal to incentivize energy-efficient modifications of RSO buildings.

Koretz authored;  Expired while pending in Housing Committee.


8.  CF 16-0067 – Proposal to create Affordable Housing Impact Statements to gauge the impact of development proposals on RSO and other affordable units.

Koretz authored; Expired while pending in PLUM.


9. CF 18-0315 – Request for analysis of AB 1505 (Bloom) impact on facilitating the City’s ability to impose inclusionary zoning on new development.

Koretz co-authored; Report adopted May 8, 2021.


10. CF 21-0002-S21 – Resolution to oppose SB 10 which threatens to eliminate RSO and other affordable units for incentivized new development.

Koretz authored; Pending in Rules Committee.


11.  CF 20-0002-13 – Resolution to oppose SB 50 which threatened to eliminate RSO and other affordable units for incentivized new development.

Koretz authored;  Pending in Rules Committee.  Bill not adopted by the legislature.


12  CF 20-0002-S6 – Resolution to support the 2020 ballot measure to amend Costa-Hawkins and allow expansion of rent control.

Koretz co-authored; Pending in Rules.  The ballot measure failed.


13.  CF 19-0002-S57 – Resolution to support AB 36 (Bloom) to provide local jurisdictions more flexibility in the use of rent control.

Koretz authored; Pending in Rules Committee. Bill not adopted by the legislature.


14.  CF 18-0002-S98 – Resolution to support Proposition 10 to modify Costa-Hawkins rent control law and allow expansion of rent control.

Koretz seconded;  Adopted October 23, 2018.  The ballot measure failed.


15. CF 18-0610/18-0610-S1/20-0505/20-1084 (substitute motion) – Motions to create an Eviction Defense program to help tenants remain in their homes when possible.

Koretz authored or co-authored (substitute motion); Adopted September 23, 2020



16.  CF 21-0106 – Motion calling for strengthened protections against pandemic-related evictions and penalties for violations of the emergency ordinance.

Koretz authored.  Pending in COVID-19 Recovery and Neighborhood Investment Committee.


17.  CF 11-1973-S2 – Motion calling for an amendment to the adaptive re-use ordinance to allow for the conversion of obsolete office buildings into supportive, interim, and transitional housing.

Koretz authored.  Adopted on June 9, 2021.


18. No file number assigned yet (as of June 11, 2021) – Motion calling for amendments to the existing Unapproved Dwelling Unit (UDU) ordinance to streamline the process of legalizing affordable bootleg units.

Koretz authored.  Introduced June 9, 2021