Information Resources for Renters

Currently, one out of every two L.A. families lives in an apartment subject to the Rent Stabilization Ordinance (RSO) — a City policy designed to protect Angelenos from runaway rents and displacement from their neighborhoods. But a recent Housing and Community Investment Department (HCID) survey found that only a third of those families understand how the RSO can help them.

Councilmember Paul Koretz, who has been working with HCID and other Councilmembers over the last year to strengthen protections for rental housing in various ways, wants Fifth District residents to know their rights and responsibilities. A new campaign, “Home for Renters,” has been created by the City to help protect renters from displacement by arming them with information about their rights under the RSO. It aims to close the information gap by, among other things, providing online resources that make detailed information about the RSO accessible to both tenants and landlords.

“This important campaign is focused on providing landlords and residents with information about the RSO so that they may better understand what the law means, what their rights and responsibilities are.” said Rushmore Cervantes, General Manager of the Los Angeles Housing and Community Investment Department. "Landlords and residents are a vital part of our community; this campaign provides us the tools and materials that allow us to connect with them and further support our communities and help protect people’s homes.”

The campaign was designed by Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Innovation Team (i-team), a group of experts funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies, in partnership with the Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles, to find new, innovative approaches to pressing concerns in L.A.’s communities. Home for Renters was designed in direct collaboration with HCID and L.A. renters and landlords. By creating a campaign based on community-specific feedback, the city aims to inspire a more engaging and productive discussion about the RSO. For more information about Home for Renters, visit: Home for LA Renters.