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Taking bold action to fight the homelessness crisis is the most pressing challenge in Los Angeles. In the Fifth Council District, we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of people living on the streets in recent years. According to the Los Angeles Homeless Count, there are as many as 1,300 people living in the district without a home.

Unfortunately, due largely to the cost of housing on the Westside, there simply are not enough beds to bring people off the streets. In fact, there is only 1 interim housing unit for every 8 unsheltered Angeleno living in Council District 5. If we are to make meaningful progress on homelessness, we need to bring more beds online quickly.

That’s why we are proud to announce a new interim housing project for Council District 5. Located on an underutilized city-owned parking lot at the intersection of Pico Blvd. and Midvale Ave, this project will add desperately needed interim beds to the Fifth Council District’s homeless housing supply. 

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An Innovative Interim Housing Solution on L.A.’s West Side

The project will be constructed by LifeArk, a Los Angeles-based company that creates innovative, high-quality modular structures. The unique design of its prefabricated structures allows the project to be built extremely quickly, with construction estimated to take just a few months. 

Once opened, operations will be led by LA Family Housing, a national leader in helping people transition out of homelessness and poverty. In its dual role as a homeless service provider and affordable housing developer, LA Family Housing delivers well-managed housing enriched with a suite of supportive services that enable people to transition out of homelessness and regain personal stability long-term.

The goal of the project is to act as a link between street homelessness and permanent housing, with a team of mental health and substance use disorder specialists, permanent housing navigation support, and employment assistance to aid people in re-establishing stable lives. Participants will be provided with ensuite bathrooms, storage and laundry facilities, and three meals per day. The project is designed to serve adults currently residing in nearby neighborhoods surrounding the facility. 


Stay Informed

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was 2377 Midvale Ave selected for interim housing?

Councilwoman Yaroslavsky’s staff are currently reviewing many sites in the Fifth Council District (CD5) as prospective sites for interim and permanent housing. There are 1300 homeless people including children living in Fifth Council District, and they cannot be rehoused because there are no available housing options for them. Adjacent LA City Council Districts face the same challenge. No beds. So we must open interim and permanent housing in order to solve our humanitarian homeless crisis and rehouse people currently living on our streets.

When selecting locations, we use several key criteria, including whether the property is city-owned (which reduces costs), proximity to public transportation, financial feasibility, health impacts, and site suitability. Because this site is a city-owned parking lot, we also considered parking utilization rates, and LADOT determined that the lot was underutilized and that additional, convenient nearby parking is available.

Who is going to live in the new housing?

This facility is designed to serve unhoused people who reside in the neighborhoods surrounding the project. Each participant will be evaluated to determine whether or not they meet the criteria for this housing.

Will this project bring homeless people into my neighborhood?

No. This project will move homeless people off of our streets and into housing. Additional sanitation and enforcement services will guarantee the surrounding area remains clean and secure, and camping within 500 feet of the site is prohibited under city code and will be strictly enforced.

What will the housing look like?

The project will be constructed by LifeArk, a Los Angeles-based company that creates innovative, high-quality modular structures. The unique design of its prefabricated structures allows the project to be built extremely quickly, with construction estimated to take just a few months to complete.

What kind of services will be available to help residents stabilize their lives?

Every participant will be assigned a dedicated case manager, in addition to receiving comprehensive assistance to address mental health or substance use issues, as well as link people to permanent housing. The project will have round-the-clock on-site security personnel to ensure safety. Participants will also have access to three daily meals, storage facilities, and restrooms located in their units.

Will our neighborhood be less safe?

The project will have 24-hour security on site, as well as security cameras. There will also be increased LAPD patrol of the surrounding neighborhood. This project will create a safe environment for participants as well as the surrounding community. In addition, CD5  has asked LA Sanitation to implement a bi-weekly cleaning schedule for the immediate vicinity, and will monitor and adjust that schedule as needed.

When will the housing open?

We hope that the project will break ground before the end of the year, and open in 2024.

What are the hours of operation for this housing?

The project will be operated 24 hours a day; 7 days a week, however nighttime activity will be limited. There will be staff and security on-site at all times. In order to allow for individuals with jobs outside of regular business hours, there will not be a strict curfew in place.

Will guests be able to visit and stay in this facility?

No. The only individuals allowed on site will be participants and staff. Participants will not be allowed to bring guests on site, and in the evening, noise levels will be limited. This is to ensure the safety and comfort of all participants, staff, as well as the surrounding community.

How will this affect parking for nearby businesses?

Based on LADOT records, less than 40% of this lot is being used during a given day. Additionally, there are two additional parking lots within a 10 minute walk of this location, and additional street parking on Pico and Westwood Boulevards that have capacity to absorb parking needs. 

How long do you expect people to stay?

Our goal is to move people from temporary residences to permanent housing as quickly as possible. Every unhoused person has different needs. On-site services will include mental health professionals, specialists in addiction recovery, and housing specialists to assist participants in finding permanent housing.

This site is less than a mile from several schools and daycares. How will you make sure that those spaces are safe and clear from homeless encampments?

By law, it is illegal to camp within 500 feet of any daycare facility or school as these are considered sensitive sites and it is the policy of our office to enforce these restrictions. This new interim housing will help ensure that we have housing for individuals experiencing homelessness, so we can move people inside.

How will this affect foot traffic for businesses

Working with service providers and security on site, as well as LA Sanitation and LAPD, the surrounding sidewalk will be kept clear of any debris or activity associated with the site. Sanitation will provide regular cleaning of the street and sidewalk, and security guards will ensure that any individual living on site does not spend significant time loitering outside of the premises. 

HOA Responses

Read our responses to questions submitted by the West of Westwood HOA and the Westwood South of Santa Monica HOA.