Meet the Team

Headshot of Gary Gero, Chief of Staff.
Gary Gero
Chief of Staff
Headshot of Andrew DeBlock, Senior Advisor.
Andrew DeBlock
Senior Advisor
Headshot of Kristen Pawling, Deputy Chief of Staff for Policy and Planning.
Kristen Torres Pawling
Deputy Chief of Staff - Environment, Transportation, and Planning
Headshot of Fernando Morales, Deputy Chief of Staff for District Operations.
Fernando Morales
Deputy Chief of Staff - Housing/Homelessness, Operations, and Special Projects
Headshot of Rebecca Rassmusen, Legislative Director.
Rebecca Rasmussen
Legislative Director
Headshot of Leo Daube, Communications Director.
Leo Daube
Communications Director
Headshot of Zachary Warma, Housing and Homelessness Policy Director.
Zachary Warma
Housing and Homelessness Policy Director
Headshot of George Hakopiants, Deputy District Director.
George Hakopiants
District Director
Headshot of Dylan Sittig, Senior Planning Deputy.
Dylan Sittig
Senior Planning Deputy
Headshot of Maria Aguiniga, Office Manager.
Maria Aguiniga
Office Manager
Headshot of Allen Zipper, Director of Community Engagement.
Allen Zipper
Director of Community Engagement
Headshot of Matthew Tenchavez, Homelessness Programs Manager.
Matthew Tenchavez
Homelessness Programs Manager
Headshot of Jenelle Henderson, Executive Assistant/Scheduler.
Jenelle Henderson
Executive Assistant/Scheduler
Headshot of Jarrett Thompson, Transportation Deputy.
Jarrett Thompson
Transportation Deputy
Analiz Marmolejo
Analiz Marmolejo
Communications Deputy
Headshot of Michelle Flores, Field Deputy.
Michelle Flores
Field Deputy
Thao Tran
Field Deputy
Headshot of Patricia Macias, Field Deputy.
Patricia Macias
Field Deputy
Headshot of Vanessa Saldana, Field Deputy.
Vanessa Saldana
Field Deputy
Marley Powell
Case Worker
Headshot of Jocelyn Tabata, Council Aide.
Jocelyn Tabata
Council Aide
Nayeli De Leon
Nayeli De Leon
Sr. Administrative Assistant
Headshot of Perla Urzua, Homeless Liaison.
Perla Urzua
Homeless Liaison
Headshot of Loren Jackson, Homeless Liaison.
Loren Jackson
Homeless Liaison